Attain Success & Retain Peace - N. Ganesan

        Everyone likes success and everyone wants peace. Both are indispensable for a fulfilled life. Success provides confidence, hope, security, a sense of well-being and the ability to contribute at a greater level. Success is what drives us forward and adds meaning, passion and joys to life. Those that minimize the importance of success are either confused or have given up on their own chances of success. But many of us erroneously believe that if we attain success, peace and fulfillment will automatically come into our life. ATTAIN SUCCESS & RETAIN PEACE

        Each of us is taught at young age that attaining success is the most important thing in our life. So we strive hard to attain success. We work hard to do well in school, work hard to get into college and work hard to have a prestigious career or a profitable business. Though we could accomplish all these things, our satisfaction doesn’t last, because our definition of success keeps on changing.

        At one stage of life we define success as reaching financial independence, so we strive to have enough money to live on peacefully for the rest of our life. At another stage we define success as retiring from the stressful work or escaping from the tension of business world. Eventually, we discover we need to set new goals to achieve an even higher level of success to get peace and fulfillment. We struggle hard to achieve them also. Finally we wonder why each of this so called success failed to bring real peace in our life?

        In his great book ‘The way of Peaceful Warrior’ Dan Millman illustrates this situation well by saying, “If you don’t get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold on to it forever.” Last year, celebrated American chef, author, and television star Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in his hotel room at the age of 61. His life was a good success story in many aspects. Bourdain worked in the back of the house in many restaurants before making a name for himself with his best- selling first book, ‘Kitchen Confidential”. On the heels of that, he became a globe-trotting chef and journalist, going to war-torn countries, tropical paradises, and even back to the kitchens where his career started. He overcame some early setbacks, including drug addiction, and rose to fame for
his cooking, travels, and overall observations about what being human truly meant.

        People couldn’t understand the reason for Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. He had everything – money, fame, the opportunity to get paid to travel all over the world. So why was he so unhappy? Maybe all wasn’t enough. Maybe he couldn’t find peace. It was well known that he spent over 200 days a year on the road and many of his friends in their tributes wondered if he spent so much time working because he was running from something. Who knows, but it does make us wonder. If he had peace, would he have done what he did? Like him, many famous celebrities had either committed suicide or lived in mental depression in spite of their outward successes. Why is this happening? Why are so many people unhappy even at the top of their careers? Why do they long for peace even after achieving so much?

           We live in a world where we chase success after success. It seems great to be rich and famous. We want to look successful. We crave the outward appearance of it. Many of us believe that success is the next job promotion, or the 100% raise, or the new car, or the new house, or the trip around the world or an award. We think that it will bring fulfillment and peace. But we are sadly mistaken. Success and achievements are very important. But they are neither sufficient nor guarantee inner peace.

        Can we have both great success and deep inner peace? Is it possible for us? If the answer is ‘yes’, how can we achieve the seemingly impossible task? In this book, you will find the fundamental rules to attain success along with inner peace. Read these rules and understand the eternal wisdom behind the rules. When you organize your life according to these rules, your life will begin to change miraculously. You will achieve great success and at the same time you’ll feel calm, peaceful and alive. You’ll live as if you’ve found rhythm of your life journey and you’ll radiate peace and joy!


Recognize and honor your uniqueness!


Have clear and well defined goals!


Have Positive Thoughts and Beliefs!


Come out of your Comfort Zone!


Use Power of Visualization!


Be Committed and Disciplined!


Manage Your Time Well!


Never Neglect Health, Family and Friends!


Trust Your Inner Voice and Signals!


Do all you can and step back!


        Ramana Maharishi said, “Peace is your natural state.” But most of the time, we’re just not attuned to it. Never before has a generation of people known the comforts and conveniences we have today. And yet, we cannot claim to be the most peaceful generation in history. We have lost our natural state of peacefulness long ago. A vast number of people live in states of constant anxiety and depression. Some are suffering because of their failure, but ironically, many are suffering due to the consequences of their success.

       Success shows your external achievement and peace shows your internal achievement. Your life can be considered whole and complete only when you achieve them both. The intention of this book has been to make it possible for you. If you sincerely follow the ten rules given in this book you’ll attain great success and retain peace till the end of your life.

        I strongly believe that deep inside, at the core of our being and the essence of our existence, we all have a mission for life. We each have something of a genius, something that calls to us. We live in an incredibly magnificent universe, and part of us knows this and calls to us with an infinite amount of energy to make sure we don’t miss out the gifts and opportunities that surround us. When we answer the call and fulfill our mission, surely both success and peace are possible for us. There’s perfect timing in the Universe, and your arrival on Earth was a part of that synchronicity. A personal renaissance awaits you. So besides reading, absorbing, and internalize your learning, I do hope that you also take some action to be the best version of yourself! Also I hope that this book has been, and will continue to be, helpful to you in the journey of your life. I wish you all the best!






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